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To bring a strong element of objectivity and to provide completely unbiased guidance for various projects and properties in Bangalore, we have developed a comprehensive grading system that assess properties based on a number of criteria such as:

  1. Builder– We take into the consideration of the popularity of the builders, their delivery background and market feedback
  2. Location– Grading based on location depends on the present civic infrastructure development and connectivity to the city and basic essential needs.
  3. Pricing– Pricing grade is based on builder, specifications, features and price trends in the current market.
  4. Appreciation Potential– Grades are decided based on Supply, Condition and Arability, Zoning and Development, and Location.

Every property overall and included criteria are graded at 3 levels:

  1. A++ or Superhot
  2. A+ or Hot
  3. A or Warm

We discard properties that do not qualify among the above top grades.